Do Angels Exist? 4 Incredible reasons to believe In Guardian Angels

do angels exist

Do angels exist? We’ve all experienced a low at some point in our lives. We have felt rejected, alone and useless. Maybe it’s because of how your boss treats you at work or a falling out with a loved one. We strive every day to achieve more in life and this can be exhausting.

It’s a fast-paced world that doesn’t slow down for anyone so we often feel left behind or lost in the noise. We try to speak up calling out for help but our voice gets drowned. Don’t you ever think if you could just have one friend to listen to you, to offer advice, to have your back when you need it, life could be better?

But we get disappointed when we place our trust in people. They are busy resolving their own problems and figuring out their own lives. So, they might not be there every time that you need them to be.

Someone is there for help

What if there was someone who would be there whenever you want them to be? Someone to help you overcome your fears, to give words of wisdom, to give you the motivation and encouragement to go on.

Angels are these heavenly beings that are looking down on you, protecting and guiding you through your life. They are only a call away, always ready to come to your aid.

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Do angels exist?

Do these encounters prove angels exist? Do angels exist, to begin with? The more the people that you ask this question from, the more the variation in the answer. Whether you believe in angels or not stems from a lot of things; your religion, your values, your psychic abilities, and your sixth sense.

Two people could go through the same experience but have very different interpretations or memories of it. If the answer to the question that does angels exist is affirmative, then you can read on to validate your existing belief.

If you haven’t made up your mind yet, you will find these reasons to help decide if the voice in your heart is your guardian angel bell.

Angels stand for hope

While for some of us, angels are merely fairy tales and made-up stories, for others they stand for hope. If you do believe in angels, it will serve as a reminder that you’re not alone in this world.

When things start falling apart, you have beings that are looking over you, protecting you from the unseen. In a world full of hatred, war, and terror, believing the evidence of angels works as a push to move forward in life.

You know that someone is looking out for you and will come down if need be. There is only so much that a human can do, but the angels are well above and beyond the grasp of our mortal minds.

They give us advice and wisdom to get us through the worst of times.  They give you hope in tough times by answering the question in your mind; do angels exist?

God is our creator and our savior

Is there anything more comforting than knowing that there is someone who is always looking out for us, loves us more than anyone else, only wants what is best for us, and will always listen when called? The feeling that this belief gives us is like no other.

If we truly believe in God, we never feel like we’re alone or lost. We never surrender in the face of the challenges in life. What do angels do on earth? They are messengers of God. They spread His message reminding the beings of His presence and hence not to fear anything.

Fear is the start of doom. So now ask yourself this do angels exists? Are guardian angels real? Would you like to believe this?

Feeling like a part of something bigger

We often feel insignificant as part of the world. If we even disappeared would anyone care? Are we making a difference in the world? We think that we’re not part of the puzzle, but each of us is a piece without which it is incomplete.

We have a role to play in the greater scheme of things that our minds can’t grasp, but we matter. We weren’t created for anything.

Guardian angel stories act as a push, reminding you that you’re here for a reason and you have been given this life not to waste it but to make something out of it.

These stories have to be nothing more than inspiration and motivation to be a better version of yourself to bring a change, to make a difference, to answer the question Does angel exist?

You’re not alone

In a world where maybe the biggest problem is loneliness, what could be better than knowing there are heavenly being watch over you taking care of you? Do angels exist?

You may think this a story suited to cartoons and fiction, but even if you don’t have full faith in their existence, you have to believe that beyond our world is another world.

We don’t have to comprehend what goes on there but just knowing that it exists, proof angels exist enough to give you the comfort that you need. Guardian angels stories have done the rounds for centuries now.

They have been passed down from one generation to another but the underlying moral has always been being to acknowledge that when all human help fails us, when our minds refuse to cooperate and when our heart leaves us broken, our angels will smile at us and come to our rescue.

It is up to us if we believe that in angels or the idea of them or we continue to live in ignorance of the forces that surround us.


This question has been a topic for debate for a lot of years now with people giving different opinions, representing a different school of thought.

The question does not just about believe in angels but in the divine, in the possibility that there is goodness in this world, in the presence of spirits, and much more.

More than just a being, it’s a belief in an idea. So, are you a believer? Or do you want to be? What do you think now, do angels exist?

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