The 855 Angel Number – A Message about Changes and Synchronicity

855 Angel Number

Angels can send messages to us in a variety of ways. You might find a feather or coin on the ground or you might have a dream or vision that relays symbols. Another common method for communicating is through numbers. Angel numbers provide us with detailed messages, provided we’re willing to take the time to understand them. We’re going to use the 855 angel number as an example as we demonstrate the interpretation process used for understanding these numbers. Through exploring it one step at a time, we can begin to understand the angel number 855 meaning.

What are Angel Numbers?

What is an angel number? Angel numbers are essentially coded messages. They appear to us in the physical world but are sent to us from the spiritual realm by our angels. Every number carries a unique message, and each one requires you to look within yourself and trust your intuition.

Two people could receive the same number and take something slightly different away from its message. So, if the angels are sending you the 855 angel number, they will cause you to notice every appearance of that number as you go about your life.

These numbers have always been there, you just didn’t pay attention to them before. When Angels use numbers, they aren’t influencing the physical world. Instead, they make minor changes within your consciousness in order to direct your attention towards the number.

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Interpreting Angel Numbers

We must remember that Angel Numbers are more than just messages. Each one presents us with an opportunity to develop our spirituality.

By taking the time to communicate with these higher beings, we’re basking in their higher vibrational energy level. We’re also gaining experience in trusting our intuition, which is a major aspect of spirituality.

When it comes to understanding any angel number, we have to break it down into simpler forms. We do this by focusing on the core numbers.

A core number is simply a single-digit number (0-9) and we consider these to be the fabric of all angel numbers. Each core number has a set meaning, and so through combining them in different ways, new messages can be created.

In order to understand the 855 angel number, we need to identify the core numbers. We can see straight away that there are two core numbers visible within the number itself: 8 and 5. The number 5 appears twice which means that its meaning is particularly important to the overall 855 meaning.

Next, we reduce the number 855 into a single-digit number through a process called reduction. We do this in order to locate the hidden core number. Simply add the number’s digits together until you’re left with a single-digit number: 8 + 5 + 5 = 18. Since 18 has two digits, we have to repeat the process again: 1 + 8 = 9. We now know to explore the core numbers 5, 8, and 9.

Core Number 5

The primary message contained within the number 5 is one of positive change. There are events already in motion and your angels are encouraging you to remain positive about any changes or opportunities that are beginning to present themselves to you.

These changes will lead to a positive and beneficial outcome, but you mustn’t let any temporary negativity stand in the way of their progress or yours.

Core number 5 is also a reminder to continue making positive life changes as you progress along your spiritual path. Don’t limit yourself to being healthy in just one aspect of your life.

For example, don’t live a healthy spiritual life but remain unhealthy physically or mentally. Meditate and try to find balance across all aspects in order to allow yourself to develop and reach your full potential.

Core Number 8

Core number 8 serves as a reminder to build solid foundations in all that you do. It can be very easy to rush into something without preparing for the future. We often strive to reach the destination rather than taking the time to enjoy the journey.

Through this number, your angels are encouraging you to slow down, assess each situation, and plan for the long term. By doing this, you can create a firmer base, and this will be beneficial in the future.

This core number also suggests that abundance is on its way in some form. This could be financial abundance, or it could come in another form, but it will be the result of your hard work. Don’t slack off now though. Keep putting in effort and dedication.

Core Number 9

The core number 9 is our hidden core number. We use this to discover the more specific aspects of the 855 meaning. We find that this core number suggests that an aspect of your life is coming to a close. Don’t let this worry you though. This end is beneficial as that aspect of your life is no longer serving you in a positive manner. By letting it go, you will lose that feeling of being held back.

855 Angel Number Meaning

The 855 angel number brings messages of positive change. It seems that something related to your career or finances is already in the process of evolving and provided you can continue to remain optimistic about the future, you should find yourself benefiting from this change. Allow these developments to take place at their own speed.

Your angels are also sending the 855 angel number to make you aware of the concept of coincidence and synchronicity. The universe is reaching a moment of alignment, and you’re going to find that aspects of your life will do the same. You need to remain balanced and in sync with the slowly changing world, and you can do this by trusting in your intuition. This process begins and ends with your thoughts, so make sure that you’re viewing your future in a positive light.

Finally, even though your finances or career will be undergoing positive changes, there will be other changes taking place that seem far less positive. Your angels are using the 855 angel number as a way of letting you know that the outcome of these changes will be beneficial, but that’s not to say there won’t be some ups and downs along the way. Prepare yourself for obstacles, challenges, and low points, but trust that your angels are guiding you towards a space of positivity.

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