Which Tarot Card Represents Me And What Does It Mean?

What tarot card am I

Surely you have asked already yourself: ” What tarot card am I?” Tarot cards are very famous for being able to tell a lot about a person’s different lives or incarnations. People turn to tarot cards to learn about their past and their future. But how do tarot cards work? Why is important to have an answer to what tarot card am I? In this article, we will explore more about what tarot card am I! Discover more about which tarot card you are!

What Tarot Card am I? – Good question

It starts with figuring out which tarot card are you! To give an answer to what tarot card am I, we will start to find out what tarot card arcana card are you, you need to follow these very simple steps. Write down your date of birth in the following format; 20/03/1976. Once you’ve written, add up the all the digits like this: 2+0+0+3+1+9+7+6. Adding them will give you a total of 28.

In this case, since the total is greater than 21 and we only have 22 arcana cards, we will add the digits to reduce them to a single digit. 2+8 will give us 10. Voila! This is your tarot card. So now that you’ve figured out “what tarot card am I”, you should know more about which major arcana tarot card are you. Discover the meaning behind your card.

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What arcana are you?

Just read carefully your Arcana Tarot Card description, not only to know more about yourself but also,  for those who you Love:

0: The Fool

The name is quite revealing in itself. You are adventurous and always looking for a challenge. Your life will never be plain or boring, but a series of fascinating events. You’re usually very impulsive which might not always work out, so you need to be careful sometimes. Fools are very openhearted, and they embrace everyone with open arms and love.

1: Magician

Magicians are known for being able to do the impossible. Well so can you. If you’ve got this card, it means that you’re destined to go a long way turning every obstacle into dust and achieving your dreams no matter what. You have a charismatic personality, which may be used to charm or to manipulate so be tread that line carefully.

2: The High Priestess

If anybody wants to make sure their secret is safe, tell it to someone who is a high priestess. They are wise and knowledgeable. They always know what to say and when to say it. They have a natural tendency for learning so they should focus on polishing and enhance this gift.

3: The Empress

You have a strong maternal instinct. In a group of friends, you’re the mother of the group taking care of everyone around you. You leave a mark wherever you go and are mostly in charge of the situation. If people defy you, it can annoy you, so a gentle reminder to keep that anger in check.

4: The Emperor

Quite similar to the empress, this is the male version. The emperor boasts of masculinity, authority, and leadership. You are born to be in power, if trained wisely you can be a true leader.

5: The Hierophant

You have an interest in the different philosophies that govern the way life works. You are in a constant battle with yourself trying to pick the right side, the brain or the heart. You are often seen as rigid so you might want to work on that.

6: The Lovers

If the answer to which tarot card am I is the lovers, then no explanation needed you’re all for love. Your mission is to bring together opposite entities to unite them as one.

7: The Chariot

As the name implies, you’re all about making a quick decision in life. You want to hold everything together, working on bringing harmony to all sides of your life.

8: Strength

This card is all about uniting all the energies within you, masculine or feminine, yin or yang. You have incomparable strength; you’re the last one standing when everybody gives up on life. No matter what life throws at you, you sail through.

9: The Hermit

You like to spend time alone when faced with a difficult situation or to find yourself. You’re the one person people turn to for advice about love and life and trust your judgment.

10: The Wheel of Fortune

You are the lucky one if the answer to which tarot card am I is number 10 for you. You’re always faced with innumerable opportunities. Your life keeps turning for the better. Beware of the people around you; they don’t all wish well for you.

11: Justice

You’re always looking for the fairest solution to all problems. It can often be frustrating when things don’t work out like they should but trust the justice of the greater forces.

12: The Hanged Man

You give the false impression of not being very interesting. But beneath that exterior, a lot is going on. You try to look at things from a different perspective than most.

13: Death

You are always changing and letting go of the bad parts of your life and transforming into better versions.

14: Temperance

This card is all about maintaining balance in your life, be it work, love, or relationships. You always find a way to manage everything somehow all at once and with sophistication.

15: The Devil

It takes time for you to realize that nobody has power over you, but you eventually do. And when you do, you do wonders with your life. You become invincible, and the devil has no chance against you.

16: The Tower

Your life is often a mess. It takes unexpected turns and you’re left shaken every time. Although it’s not a smooth sailing but who says it can’t be amazing.

17: The Star

There are some people who are born with a creative streak, they are the stars. They live on the hope that it’s always darkest before the dawn.

18: The Moon

You have to learn how to use your intuition and not let it trick you.

19: The Sun

You’re like the sun. Bubbly, confident, and full of happiness. Every room you walk into shines because of you.

20: Judgment

This card is all about letting go. You like moving on with life, forgetting and forgiving along the way. There is no place in your heart for grudges or anger. Because of your pure heart, the divine force always protects you.

21: The World

This is the last card. It’s symbolic of winning at life. You don’t win just because you get lucky but because you work hard for it. You see every battle through and are met with happiness at the end of the line.

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