Exploring the Meaning and Metaphysical Properties of Shungite


Shungite, despite not being a crystal, still holds some incredible power that is certainly worthy of exploring. The healing and protective power of crystals have been known since ancient times.

We only need to look as far as Ancient Egypt or modern areas of South America where tribes have used such stones to ward off evil spirit, heal spirit ailments, and even promote healing of the body.

Although it hasn’t yet acquired the same popularity as its crystal brethren, this article will explore the origins of the stone, its uses (both physical and metaphysical), as well as how you can use this stone within jewelry.

Back to Basics

Before we can start to explore and understand this rather bizarre looking material, we have to consider the origins of the Shungite stone. The Shungite meaning, in terms of the name itself, finds its origins in Russia. Within the area of Karelia is a small village called Shunga.

This is where the stone was first discovered but its origin story actually starts much, much earlier. To discuss that we have to journey back to around two billion years ago to what is known as the Paleoproterozoic age.

During this time, Russia was covered in volcanoes, and lurking within some of the nearby lagoons was a range of different algae and rock sediments.

These led to some of the earliest known forms of crude oil, something that we use as an energy source today, but combined with the high pressure and heat from the nearby volcanoes this oil formed into the Shungite that we see today.

This rock is a form of carbon, an almost pure form, and the Russians were quick to discover some of the Shungite properties, including its function as a water purifier. This stone was used in the first Russian spa and is still used by many Russians today.

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The Shungite Meaning

So what does the stone’s origin have to do with its meaning? Well, the Shungite crystal meaning (although it’s technically not a crystal) is one of purification. You can follow in the steps of the Russians and use it as a literal purification system but people tend to be more drawn towards the Shungite metaphysical properties.

One of the most popular functions it carries is filtering the positive energy from the negative energy so that our day to day lives don’t leave us feeling bogged down and lethargic.

If the effects of Shungite sound familiar, that is because our auras play a similar role within our lives. They shield us from the negative energy while helping us to absorb positive energy. You will often hear them being described as a sort of spiritual force field.

Shungite, while not being quite as effective as an aura, can still make the world of difference when shielding us from negative energy. So let’s take a look at some of the specific ways you can use Shungite to help your spirituality.

Shungite Healing Properties

As we’ve already discussed, this stone helps you to filter out the negative energy that would otherwise infect your body, mind, and spirit. We’ll look at some of the ways you can use to the stone on a day to day basis in a minute but first, we’ll take a look at the more specific ways you can make use of the Shungite healing properties.

It has a particular metaphysical trick, you see. Not only does it filter, but it can also help to realign out of place particles that could potentially be interrupting your energy flow.

As such, using Shungite on your key chakra spots can help to not only cleanse any blocked chakras but to streamline the flow of energy. This means that you’ll have a more natural flow of energy. If you imagine that your chakra energy flow is a river.

Before using the Shungite, the river might meander all over the place, slowing down drastically at the bends, creating pools of stagnant water, and ultimately taking far too long to get from point A to point B.

By using Shungite, you can create a more direct route that allows your energy to flow like a waterfall or like rapids, creating a more powerful and clean output.

As such, Shungite can increase your natural energy levels which is something we can all benefit from. Through this, you will find that stress has less of an impact on your life. You might even notice it less, to the point of feeling like your life is stress-free.

It also causes anxiety to feel reduced as negative energy has fewer places to hide and finds it even more difficult to enter your spirit, mind, or body. Of course, the question you’re probably asking yourself now is, how can I use it to feel these positive effects?

Making Use of its Properties

As with any crystal or stone of power, you can use Shungite in a variety of different ways. It’s quite common for people to simply leave the stones around their house.

Some of the prime locations include next to the bed, near the front door, and any other entrances/exits, in the sitting room (particularly on a fireplace if you have one), and burying one in your garden will help set a perimeter of energy filtration.

Of course, you won’t always be in your house so how can you take the stone’s properties with you? One of the simplest answers would be jewelry. Many people will turn the stone into a necklace or bracelet so that they can experience its benefits throughout the day. The one problem with that is that it can be quite brittle.

It isn’t like other stones or crystals that can be smoothed out into lovely shapes. Shungite is closer to being like coal than it is to say a ruby or sapphire. As such, many people will simply carry a small stone with them. This offers the same protection as wearing any form of jewelry.

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