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The art of eating well


Do you tend to eat your meals at lightning speed while you do something else? For instance, while you watch television or your smartphone? As you can imagine, such an attitude is not really a relaxing one… What if you learned to change it?

Saliva, your ally to reach well-being

When talking about eating habits, my old Taoist friend used to tell me:

You need to learn to chew your beverages and drink your food“…
“Why do you think we produce saliva?”

He would insist on the fact that slowly chewing your food is a perfect way to “spiritualize matter“, but it is also by far the best way to lose weight effortlessly!

Try to reduce each of your mouthfuls to “water” before you swallow them and, you will see, it is astonishing!

Water to be in good shape

Eating in a quiet place and taking your time to do so is very important. So is the daily water you drink: it hydrates your body, eliminates waste, offsets water losses (generated by breathing, sweating, etc.). Bodies that function properly are well hydrated.

If you drink less than a liter a day, increase this quantity! In general, scientists agree that you need to drink between 1.5 liter and 2 liters a day.

Tip to sleep well

The food you eat and the physical activities you engage in are essential but there is one thing that can ensure your balance: sleep. Are you facing problems that cause you to sleep badly?…

If that is the case, I advise you to place a natural violet-colored piece of fabric between your pillow and your pillowcase, right underneath the place where you lay your head. You should sleep well again just a few days later.


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