Keep seeing 123 Angel Number ? Discover now why !

123 Angel Number

Angel numbers carry messages that have been sent from your angels directly to you. Each number carries a unique message, and so each number requires its own interpretation. Understanding the message contained within an angel number can seem like a challenging task, but we’re going to use the 123 Angel Number to demonstrate the interpretation process.

Once we break down the components of this number, we can begin to consider the overall meaning of the angel number 123. To start with, we’re going to explore why angels may choose to use this method of communication.

What are Angel Numbers?

Angels can use a range of methods for sending messages from the spiritual realm to the physical realm. Each method offers something slightly different, and we find that this is particularly the case with angel numbers.

You can think of angel numbers as being similar to a coded message. Every single digit represents a different part of the code, and only through considering each part can you learn to understand the overall message.

Interpreting angel numbers isn’t just about understanding the message. It’s an opportunity to improve the trust you have in your own intuition, as well as further developing your spirituality.

Angelic communication naturally increases your vibrational energy level, so you should seize every opportunity to interpret messages from your angels.

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What’s the meaning of 123?

There is a common misconception surrounding these numbers. Many people believe that angels send the number into the physical realm. In reality, these numbers are already here.

Angels simply cause a slight shift in your perception so that you find yourself noticing the same number more frequently than you would by chance alone. This gives the impression of a certain number appearing over and over again.

What does 123 mean spiritually?

When it comes to interpreting Angel Numbers, there are two main steps to follow. These can be applied to any angel number that contains more than a single digit. For this example, we will stick to the 123 angel number.

The first thing we have to do is identify the core numbers. These are the single-digit numbers (0-9) within any angel number. We can see that the number 123 has three core numbers: 1, 2, and 3.

The next thing we do is establish the hidden core number. We do this by reducing the larger number (123) into a smaller, single-digit number.

The process for this is simpler than it sounds. We add each of the single-digit numbers together: 1 + 2 + 3 = 6. So, we now have four numbers to consider before exploring the overall meaning of the angel number 123: 1, 2, 3, and 6.

Core Number 1

Core number 1 is a reminder to look at new beginnings as positive opportunities. Change can be scary, but your angels are encouraging you to remain optimistic. You may face obstacles along the way, but the final destination will be one of positivity.

They also want to remind you that you’ll have to step out of your comfort zone to allow your spirituality to grow. Don’t worry though, your angels will always be nearby to offer support and guidance to your Life Goals.

Core Number 2

Core number 2 contains a message related to your soul journey. Your angels want you to know that everything you do contributes towards the fulfillment of this journey.

Trust your instincts and follow your heart’s desires to achieve your life goal, which in turn will represent progress towards your soul mission. Continue to interact with your angels and take any opportunity to develop your spirituality to reach your full potential.

Core Number 3

Core number 3 suggests that your angels have been trying to contact you. When we have a crisis of faith, whether it’s faith in ourselves or faith in something more divine, we often miss signs that are being sent to us.

The fact that you’ve noticed this sign represents a positive change in your outlook and marks an important step back towards your soul mission.

Core number 3 also encourages you to look within yourself for answers. You’re beginning to make progress towards achieving your life goal and soul mission, but you need to learn to trust in yourself more.

Core Number 6

The core number 6 is the hidden core number, which means that it carries less weight than the rest. However, we can use this number to get a better idea of the specific nature of the 123 angel number meaning.

The core number 6 relates to balance. To advance your spirituality, you need to learn to find harmony in all that you do. Don’t neglect your physical health in favor of your spirituality, and don’t neglect your spirituality in favor of getting in shape.

Learn to keep all things balanced and you’ll find yourself feeling more connected to the spiritual realm. We can now consider the overall meaning of the 123 angel number.

Angel Number 123 Meaning

The 123 angel number carries a rather special message, even in comparison to other angel numbers. This number is often viewed as steps that you should take along your spiritual journey.

Once you complete this part, you’ll likely begin to see the numbers 456 and then 789. These steps can refer to anything in your life, but if you’re seeing these numbers then it’s likely that you already have some ideas as to what your angels may be referring to.

It’s important to realize that angel number 123 is referring to knowledge that you already possess. You can ask your angels for further clarification, but you already have the answers.

Sometimes you have to look within yourself, perhaps through meditation or introspection, to truly find what you’re looking for.

123 Angel Number

We can see through each of the core numbers that the 123 angel number refers to something that is already underway or will be soon. You’ll start noticing changes and will be presented with new opportunities.

You’ll find that these allow you to develop your spirituality and increase the trust you have in your own abilities. Through your newfound confidence, you’ll begin to see things from a completely new perspective which will open the door to further spiritual development and new steps towards your destiny.

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