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Angel Number 14 – A look at how to interpret the angel number 14

angel number 14

As with any angel number, if you’re seeing it regularly then it’s probably a sign or message from a higher being such as your guardian angel. In this article we will take a look at the angel number 14 and what it may be trying to tell you. In order to interpret the number 14 meaning, we will examine the angel numbers 1 and 4, as well as looking at the sum of the two: the number 5; all before moving on to look at the meaning of 14.

Angel Numbers

As with any angel number, each number has its own vibrational energy level but can also carry its own unique message. Similar to how the word age carries a different meaning when it becomes the word cage, adding various angel numbers together causes them to possess entirely different meanings. The most straightforward way of finding out the meaning of the angel number 14 is to look at how it is made up. We have the number 1 and the number 4 primarily. We also have the number 5 if we add these two numbers together.

Angel Number 14

So when we stop to take a look at the 14 angel number, it’s always best to first look at how it’s made up. The angel number 1 tends to represent new beginnings. These aren’t always drastic and could simply refer to a new food you’re working into your diet or a new direction you’re taking your career in. The angel number 4 has quite a range of potential meanings. It can often reflect trustworthiness, character, commitment or devotion.

Of course we also have the number 5, which is represented by the sum of 1+4. The number 5 is usually symbolic of experience: primarily life experience. Only through living life can we truly understand it and only through understanding it can we make the necessary changes. Now that we know what the base vibrational energies of these numbers are like, we can take a look at what happens when they are combined.

Meaning of 14

When the numbers 14 are appearing regularly in your life, your angels are quite clearly trying to tell you something. In this case, they are telling you to trust your instincts: That through your determination and willpower you can change your life for the better and find harmony. Your angels know that you are enthusiastic to get started on making alterations to your life but they send this message to remind you that patience is a virtue! Of course patience isn’t the only message they are trying to send to you. It is also one of staying focused on the task at hand.

What does it All Mean?

Perhaps you have a project at work that could lead to new career opportunities and your angels are trying to remind you that being patient and staying focused could lead to your new beginnings (the number 1) as your commitment won’t go unnoticed (number 4). Only through this essential life experience (number 5) will you finally get the harmony (angel number 14) that you seek. So you can see that the meaning of number 14 can be a little tricky to grasp.

Only through trusting your instincts can you truly begin to understand the 14 angel number. This applies to all angel numbers as it takes a level of faith, as well as trust in your comprehension of the numbers, to truly understand them. It can be seen fairly clearly with the angel number 14, which is sending a number of different messages through only two digits.

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