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Welcome to my world, to the world of Angels and of
the Higher Beneficial Forces taking care of you

My name is Padre and with my free angel readings, I can help you to solve all your problems whatever they may be, and to connect with your Guardian Angel.

Whatever your wishes might be, they could be granted by your guardian angel!

Thanks to my free angel readings, whatever you aim to or what you need: money, love, luck or to fulfill any other desire, through my close contact with the world of the Angels and your Guardian Angel, I could be your wishing well!

My free angel readings have been and are of great help to a lot of people, and even often their last chance to get what they need or to change their life.

Today, I give you the opportunity to get solutions to all your problems and an answer to these major questions: “Who is my Guardian Angel?” and “What is my angel name?”

Thanks to your Free Angel Reading, uncover 3 secrets about your future!

Simply fill in the confidential form and I will fully commit myself to deliver you, Your Free Angel Reading, Your protective Angel Name, and 3 astounding secrets about your future!

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I will come back to you as soon as possible with their answers to your main issues!

So do not delay, act now to get your free online reading with a lot of amazing revelations including 3 revelations to improve your well-being at all levels and drastically change your situation, whatever it is right now!

Through me, your Guardian Angel will talk to you in this free angel reading!

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What is an Angel Reading?

Angel readings are a type of spiritual guidance. They work in a similar way to a horoscope or other psychic reading, in that spiritual energy is used to provide answers to your questions and the nature of your future. Typically, a psychic will be the communicator between you and your Angels.

They will ask for spiritual guidance about your life and will relay the answers to you. This form of Angelic Guidance is often used as an introduction to angelic communication, as it can help you discover your Guardian Angel.

An Angel Reading offers insights into your spiritual journey. As the vibrational patterns of the universe begin to shift, your angels can help prepare you for changes taking place in your life. These readings are like a snapshot of your place in the universe at that moment and the potential futures that may await if you continue down your current path. Only you can decide whether to follow the guidance of angels or not.

What Information do I need to Provide?

You won’t need to provide any deeply personal or private information for an Angel Reading. All I need is your title, name, surname, and date of birth. Some readings will require the time of your birth as well, but I will not ask for that.

I primarily use these details to gain more accurate readings, both from your personal angel and any corresponding horoscopes. But I also want my interactions with you to feel personal.

The digital world can sometimes feel a bit hollow, and I want you to know that I’ll never forget that you’re a human being, deserving of kindness and respect. I also need your e-mail address. This is just so you can receive your Angel Reading.

Not only is this a quick method of communication, but it also means that you can access the angel reading whenever you feel like it. You can also print it off for future personal use. Don’t forget that all of this information will be held in the strictest confidence.

What will my First Angel Reading include?

You will receive three pieces of information with your first Angel Reading:

  1. Your Guardian Angel’s Name – Learning the name of your Guardian Angel will make communication with them much easier. It also helps the relationship you have with them feel more personal.
  2. Information about your Guardian Angel – You’ll also gain some insight into the role of your Guardian Angel. This will include information about the Angelical Sphere that your Guardian Angel belongs to. Although we focus on Christian understandings of this concept, your Guardian Angel is likely to present within other belief systems as well.
  3. Three Revelations about your Life and Future – Lastly, your Angel Reading will include three secrets to help guide you along your spiritual journey. These may relate to your past, present, or future, but you can choose whether to accept these secrets or ignore them.

How does Angel Reading work?

The details I ask for allow me to see your place in the universe. You can think of those details as being like a cosmic fingerprint that helps identify your individual strand that extends from the beginning of your existence to the end: A timeline through the universe.

By connecting to you on a deeper level, I can better understand your questions and find the answers that you seek. I use my psychic gift to connect with the spiritual world so that I can reach out to your angels directly. I’ll ask for guidance and they will provide me with their name and the answers to your questions.

Just remember that nothing about an angel reading is set in stone. They are potential futures that are subject to change, depending on whether you take the advice of your angels or not. These readings are also meant to improve your life and the lives of those around you, so it’s important that you keep that in mind.

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What can you expect in your free Angel Reading?

The first Angel Reading will always provide the same type of information: your Guardian Angel’s name, a bit of information about them, and 3 secrets about your place in this universe. However, you can guide the content of the reading, to some extent.

For example, if you want to know more about your love life, you can focus on that. When you send your details to me, keep the concept of love in your mind. Focus on the questions you may have about love, repeating them over and over in your mind.

As you submit your details, the intention you hold at that moment will be clear when I carry out your Angel Reading. It’s important to keep in mind that information won’t always appear to hold a clear connection to your questions.

For example, you may learn something about your job and be disappointed that it isn’t about love. But everything in this universe is connected, it’s just that we often lack the sight necessary to see or understand these connections.

Keep your heart and mind open to whatever the angels wish to share with you.

How do I prepare for an Angel Reading?

Preparing for an online Angel Reading is important. For starters, make sure that you’re not weighed down by negative thoughts. Many people will meditate or find another way to reset their mental/emotional state before beginning the reading.

You might wish to light a few candles, burn some incense, or make use of some crystals. As long as you can focus your mind on the reading, then you are ready to begin.

However, you should also be prepared for what comes next. Some people are shocked or surprised by the results of their reading. If you’re not in the right head-space for accepting angelic guidance, then you can wait and read your results later in the day or the next morning.

How can an Angel Reading help you?

Angel readings can offer you guidance and support. By understanding your place in this universe, even if just by a little bit more than yesterday, you can make decisions based on your spiritual path. For many people, an angel reading is their first active step along this journey.

It’s the first time they think about their lives on a much grander scale than tomorrow or next week. When you receive your angel reading, you’ll be presented with a choice: Do you listen to the guidance of the angels and begin working towards deeper spiritual goals, or do you ignore their wisdom and revert back to a slave of the material world?

The answer is obvious, but we often need a nudge in the right direction. That is how you can benefit from one of these readings.

Can I trust a Free Angel Reading?

When it comes to any type of online interaction, it can be difficult to trust the person or people on the other end. That’s the benefit of receiving a FREE Angel Reading. I’m not asking for personal information that can be used against you. I ask for less information than what most people share publicly on social media.

When you receive your reading, you’ll know in your heart whether the information is real or not. Our intuition is a deeply powerful spiritual tool that has guided humanity for thousands of years. You’ll know in your gut whether the information and guidance you’ve received feel genuine.

There is no risk whatsoever, and yet the reward is potentially infinite in measure. Who knows what you may discover about yourself from an Angel Reading, especially if this is your first step down your spiritual path? The choices you make today will define your life tomorrow, and every day after.

An Angel Reading can be a great introduction to spiritual readings. If you find that you benefit from it, you may decide to seek out an in-person reading for a more in-depth exploration of your universal role.

Why You Should Not Fear Angel Readings?

When it comes to Angel Readings, there’s nothing to fear. The information you receive is meant as guidance and you always have the choice as to whether you follow it or not. Your angels wish to lead you down a path of joy, fulfillment, peace, comfort, fortune, and love.

That’s not to say that you won’t face challenges and obstacles along the way, but the benefit of an Angel Reading is discovering that you never have to face these difficult times alone.

Angel Readings don’t impact your destiny or future. Think of it like a spiritual picture. If you take a picture of a mountain or tree, you don’t change the subject of the picture, you merely capture it at that moment.

That’s all that reading is, just on a much, much larger scale.

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