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7 Tips to relieve stress


One of the most important plagues of this century is derived from the life we think we should lead: a life “at high speed”. This expanding plague is called stress. Have you ever experienced it? Have you ever wondered how to get rid of it? Of course, you have! Everybody has! Today, I’ve decided to come to your aid and give you a few tips to free you from these tensions.

How to manage your stress

The anti-stress process I’m giving you here must be abided by during 9 days. It should be enough for you to better manage your stress and feel better, provided that you put it into practice with seriousness. To that end, follow the 7 tips I’m offering here.

If circumstances prevent you from diligently applying these tips, put them into practice for 9 more days or even 18 more days if needed.


Anti-stress tip #1: learn to breathe

This very simple exercise can be practiced every morning when you wake up.

Here is how to proceed:

  • Take a deep breath through the nose,
  • Hold your breath for a few seconds and expel it sharply.

Repeat this exercise at least three times in a row.

Perform this exercise every time anxiety tries to gain the upper hand. Your stress will then fade away and you will feel much better.


Anti-stress tip #2: commune with yourself and sleep

Every night, before you go to sleep, you can say a short prayer (whatever it may be) to be in touch (or reestablish contact) with the Spiritual Forces.

Little by little, you will sleep better and spend quieter nights. Sleeping is a major source of personal harmony, which makes it a precious ally when it comes to combatting stress.


Anti-stress tip #3: follow nature’s rhythm

Wake up when the daylight breaks and go to sleep when night has fallen as much as you can (summer holidays are perfect for such a practice).

This way, you will be in harmony with the rhythm of our Mother Earth. Your metabolism will be boosted and it will make the positive energy of Nature surround you.


Anti-stress tip #4: eat a healthy diet

Get rid of everything (stimulants such as alcohol, coffee, tea…) that could be harmful to your inner balance (at least during this 9-day period).

Choose vegetables, fruit and fish over meat products.

The suffering of the animals that were killed to be eaten can generate a significant and unconscious stress.


Anti-stress tip #5: exercise

Obsessional thoughts make life a misery. The best way to get rid of them is to exercise!

A long daily walk, for instance, will enable you to forget about your concerns. This will make inner peace prevail in you and lower your level of stress, if not make it disappear entirely. Any sporting activity will do, on condition that you derive pleasure from it.


Anti-stress tip #6: practice spiritual mastication

A Great Sage who taught me a lot used to tell me:

 “You must spiritualize matter and materialize the mind”.

 Rather than relentlessly chewing over problems, get into the following habit:

  • When you eat, chew what you eat at length (to spiritualize it)
  • Make the spirit descend on you by listening to something spiritual or by reading a spiritual book at the same time (this way, you will materialize the spirit).

This is what monks have been doing for centuries when they listen to prayers while they eat.


Anti-stress tip #7: connect with others on a spiritual level

Finally, use your heart: have positive thoughts, talk and act in a positive way.

And when you have the opportunity to listen to others, listen to them with your heart! This way, you will create a real “alchemy” through which what you give will be returned to you a hundredfold, engendering the best conditions possible for inner Peace and Serenity to settle.


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