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Discover now what are the best Crystals for Protection!

Crystals for Protection

There are so many different types of crystal, with each one often coming in a variety of different colors. How can anybody possibly know which crystals to choose? When you’re looking for crystals for protection, there are some that should stand out to you more than others. We’re going to discuss the importance of resonance […]

Virgo Horoscope and the Archangel Metatron

virgo horoscope

If you happen to be born within the Virgo horoscope dates of August 23rd – September 22nd then you fall under the September zodiac sign. More commonly known as the Virgo zodiac sign, this star sign comes with a unique history. It also has its own Guardian Angel: the archangel Metatron. This article will look […]

Equinox Meaning – Why is it important to know?

equinox meaning

This article will be exploring equinox meaning. For those of you unaware, the equinox is the time of year when the sun crosses the celestial equator. This gives the effect of the day and the night being of equal length. This event happens twice a year: 20th March and 23rd September. In this article, we will explore the […]

First Day of Fall – Autumnal Equinox : Meaning behind this day!

first day of fall

The first day of fall also known as the ‘autumnal equinox’ will fall on September 23rd this year on North America. For those of you confused about what we mean by this, let’s start with a brief introduction, shall we? The date varies for northern and southern hemisphere with the autumnal equinox 2019 falling on a Monday. So […]

Star Children and the Power of Positivity

Star Children

The concept of star children is one that has been prominent for several decades now. The term refers to a special group of people who are born into the physical world but retain properties and characteristics from the spiritual realm. We’ll explore this group of people, including the different sub-groups such as the indigo star […]

Spiritual dragon – Dragon spirit guides and their Signs

spiritual dragon

Spiritual dragons may not be a term you’ve come across before. We’ve all heard of spirit animals, dragons and angels, well spiritual dragons are almost like a combination of the three. You may not understand how angels and dragons can combine but we’ll cover that and more in this article. We’ll look at the dragon […]

Angel cards meanings

angel cards meanings

Just in case you are new to the idea, this article is the ultimate guide to angel cards. There won’t be time to cover every single one of the angel cards meanings but this article should provide a good level of knowledge and certainly more than a basic understanding. Angel cards are a specific type […]

A Guide to Performing a Yes No Tarot Reading!

yes no tarot

A tarot reading is typically used for providing answers to complex questions. People use readings to discover information related to their destiny and their place in the universe. Most Tarot cards hold a variety of meanings, and each meaning can change depending on a wide range of other factors. Sometimes though, you’re not looking for […]