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How to pray

How to pray

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Do you want your prayers to be finally answered? This e-book will provide you with the keys to pray so that you are heard. Because praying is no trivial act; It is a spiritual commitment that must obey certain rituals. As your guide, this e-book on prayers will initiate you into those secret rituals, so that your wishes may finally be granted.

Discover this initiation e-book on learning how to pray correctly! To do so, order it right away.


I am gaining strength to strength

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Dear Padre, I am grateful for your guidance and support. After reading your book called “How to pray so that my prayers are heard” I have become spiritually, mentally and physically stronger. Yes, I have always known about my relationship with the spiritual world and been reminded many times of the gifts that are available to me, but since I read and followed the wise instructions from your book, I have gained belief and strength that have helped me  accept and reach all these beautiful things in life!

(San Francisco)

You gave me strength and energy

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Dear Padre, thank you so much for your support. I am writing to you to express how much gratitude I have towards you. Learning how to speak to my guardian angel gave me real strength and energy to fight all the difficulties in everyday life. I can already tell you that I’m making progress. My shop is getting more customers and my private life has never been better. Thank you for your compassion and wisdom.


Questions & Answers

I’m not religious and I’m not used to praying. I have a dream I care very much about and I want to do everything I can to make it come true! Can this ebook help me even though I don’t belong to any particular faith?

To care about one’s dreams has nothing to do with religion, Peter. I can confidently say that this book is suitable for everyone! Here is a message I received from Kathleen recently: “When I read the words “so that my prayers may come true”, I immediately wanted to read the book, even though I had never prayed before in my life. Well, I can honestly say that I don’t regret this purchase. On the contrary, ever since I bought it, my life has changed!”

I’m very interested in anything relating to personal development and I believe that this ebook could be really useful to me. How can I acquire it?

Right here, on Padre’s website. It’s very simple! All you have to do is click on “add to basket”. Payment is secure and delivery is very quick (within 24 hours).