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Symptoms of Ascension – Get Through it While Keeping Your Sanity

symptoms of ascension

Every human being has vibrational frequencies inside their body. To increase these frequencies is termed “Ascension”. In the process of ascension, your chakras open and your aura expand. This process is related to the spiritual realm, and it has symptoms. Having greater spiritual perception, the awakening of psychic abilities, and increased compassion for humankind, are all […]

New moon meditations – How to prepare them

new moon meditations

The new moon offers a rare opportunity. It is an incredible time to see the night’s sky even clearer than ever before. It also allows you to absorb a higher level of energy if you are forward-thinking enough to take advantage of it. The winter months are the best time for this as the dark […]

Clairaudience: 6 ways to develop your clairaudient abilities


You may be wondering what clairaudience is. To put it simply, those who possess clairaudient ability are able to hear the non-physical. What I mean by this is that they can hear spiritual beings from beyond the material world. Depending on your faith, clairaudience could mean hearing ghosts, angels, those in Heaven or even out-with […]

Psychic children … 23 signs to learn that your child is psychic

psychic children

Psychic children have abilities other than their physical abilities that help them see, hear, perceive, and sense information from various sources. For example, they may have the ability to communicate with someone who has already passed away. Psychic experiences for these children are a normal thing, but for us, they are not normal as we […]

Lanza del Vasto, a pioneer in environmentalism


Lanza del Vasto, a disciple of Gandhi and the founder of the Community of the Ark, played an important part in spreading the principle of nonviolence in the West. He was at the root of the first reflection on pacifism, vegetarianism, environmentalism and degrowth. Who is Lanza del Vasto? Giuseppe Lanza, known as Lanza del […]

How to revitalize your energy centers


Do you continuously feel tired? To get out of this vicious circle and restore your inner being’s vigor, there is a simple means you can put into practice in order to clean and rebalance your energy centers. Explore full awareness and get back in shape! What is it that we call energy Centers? There are […]

Ida’s visions


On March 25, 1945 – the day of the Annunciation –, Ida, a mere Dutch office worker who was in her forties saw an apparition. A silhouette enshrouded in white appeared before her eyes amid an ocean of light and told her she was the “Lady of all nations”. The “White Lady” was going to […]

Words of Wisdom


“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.” William Shakespeare, writer and poet True Love is not loving with your eyes, but with the eyes of your mind. This is what this poet meant to say. In fact, you should not expect to see external signs of someone’s love for you. They might […]