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Magic Formula of the Himalayas – Mantra for Infinite Luck

mantra for infinite luck

Mantras are sacred sentences. The word comes from the Sanskrit verb “man”, which means “to think”, and “trana”, which means “protection”. Endowed with spiritual power, mantras are incantations you can recite on a daily basis. Let’s find out more about the Mantra for Infinite Luck Mantra for Infinite Luck This magical Formula will enable you […]

Guardian Angel Names – How to Learn Them!

guardian angel names

“Who is and what are my Guardian Angel Names?”, Is a question you should ask yourself often. Your Guardian Angel is the angel that is with you from the moment you enter into this world, till the day you die. He is the one who looks after you, who manages your life for you, who […]

9 signs you are an Earth Angel

Earth angel

You may have already heard about the angels of heaven, but do you know anything about Earth Angels? They are on Earth and perhaps you are one of them, but you are unaware of it! Find out now more about the Earth Angel! See below the Nine Signs identifying if you are one of them! […]

Divine Light – How to get Invoked by it

divine light

You have known about Divine Light as it is the most powerful source of light from which you can raise your vibrational energy. Being a powerful tool for change, it is a practical way to get invoked. Everyone has this light within them. It is a matter of exposing yourself to it by invoking your […]

Crystalline Grid for Anchoring Ascension Light

crystalline grid

You must have heard about ascension but, do you know what it means? Ascension is to rise to a higher level or position. It is not limited to what we will be talking here – light. However, the way to anchor the higher form of light is to connect with the crystalline grid. Do you […]

The Archangels, the Great Celestial Messengers

archangels celestial messengers

The Archangels are “Extremely luminous” Angels. Their main role is to ensure the celestial principles are perfectly applied in men’s endeavors. They work relentlessly in order to improve the planet’s lot and for humankind’s evolution to take the right direction. Thus the need to know  better your archangels celestial messengers and know your guardian angel name. What […]

A Guide to Angels Orbs

angels orbs

Orbs are spheres of white light. They can appear in your photos regarding rays of white light that appears out of no source, or you might experience angels orbs during the time that you are meditating. Having a round shape, you may see orbs like a ray of light or in the form of any […]

Prayers for Money – What to expect after carrying them out

prayers for money

Many people wonder what sort of things you can or can’t pray for. There are common themes such as health, relationships, jobs, guidance but what about money? In this article we will look at the idea of praying for money  or in having prayers for money and what this might actually mean. We’ll look at […]