Himalayan Magic Formula – Mantra for Perfect Love

Mantra for perfect love

Mantras are sacred sentences. The word comes from the Sanskrit verb “man”, which means “to think”, and “trana”, which means “protection”. Endowed with spiritual power, mantras are incantations you can recite on a daily basis. Let’s find out more about this Mantra for perfect love

Mantra for Perfect Love

This Magical Formula will help you attract true love or reinforce Perfect Love in your life as a couple.


It is pronounced this way:

Ne Don Drol Ring Lug Gangei Gyun Shin Khyil

Which means:

Great Being of the Eight Enchantments,
Cause the stream of Perfect Love to flow for me

The immense Joy of True Love should now inundate your life and leave behind the emotional wounds of the past. Lies and betrayals will no longer find a way into your life. As a result, sweetness will govern your life.


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