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3 exercises to open and develop your third Eye


The 3rd eye – also called sixth sense, can be found in every one of us, that’s a fact. But very few people know how to open it and use it. However, some simple exercises can enable you to progressively develop your third eye. Today, I will unveil 3 of them that will help you reveal the powers of your 3rd eye.

Open your third eye through breathing

  1. First, you have to breathe normally, become aware of your breathing rhythm to progressively manage to slow it down.
  2. Apply yourself to breathe deeply for a while. Do this slowly and deeply by breathing in through the nose and by breathing out through the mouth.
  3. Then, take deep breaths for ten seconds, inflating your belly and lungs with air. Keep the air inside you for five seconds. Then, breathe out slowly for ten seconds.

Put this initiatory breathing into practice for a few minutes every day: it will bring and maintain relaxation while it progressively opens your 3rd eye. You will then reach a level of higher consciousness.

Develop your 3rd eye through the technique of mental visualization

This exercise can easily be performed but it requires a lot of concentration.

  1. First of all, focus on a simple figure such as a circle, a triangle, a square or the flame of a candle.
  2. Then, close your eyes and mentally reconstitute the image you saw.

The more you put this exercise into practice, the quicker the visualization will be. You will then choose more and more complex figures to improve your mental visualization abilities and gradually develop your 3rd eye.

Opening your third eye thanks to space-time projection

This method will enable you to travel through your mind.

Travel in the past through your mind

With your eyes closed, get into the habit of visiting places you know as if you were actually physically there. Likewise, remind yourself of events of the past and relive them.

After a few sessions, you will manage to do that easily.

Travelling in the future thanks to your mind

After having experimented astral projections into the past, look to the future. Visualize for instance someone you have to meet the next day by imagining how they will be clothed.

Little by little, you will awaken your senses and open your third eye more and more by regularly practicing these exercises of space-time projection.

What can be expected once the 3rd eye is open?

Bit by bit, these 3 techniques will bring about a radical change in the way you view the world. After a few days of practice, you will better understand human beings and events on whom and on which you will be able to act.

By developing your third eye, you will harmonize yourself with the energies and the world of the mind. Your 3rd eye will open up many doors.

For instance:

  • your mind will become more instinctive and will guide you to make more good choices
  • your state of mind will become more positive, which should be beneficial to your projects

To open your third eye and discover all your potential, train yourself. Keep training yourself! This is the only rule you must obey to see your third eye open and develop!


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